Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Sammy and the City: Scott Smith, seen right with his dog Sammy, has landed his ex-girlfriend with a $500,000 lawsuit claiming she stole their blog about the Pomeranian pooch
Canine celebrity: Sammy and the City attracted 40,000 visitors a month after it launched last year
Fighting for justice: Sammy's owner claims that his ex-girlfriend shut him out of the expanding website, which featured photos and videos of the 10-pound pooch


Fall out: Anna Camara, left, denies the allegations that she stole 'Sammy and the City' by changing online passwords and IDs to prevent Smith from uploading any new content
asdf New Yorker: The successful site showed the adorable 7-year-old pooch taking in the sites of New York, Smith is trying to re-launch both their careers with a new site - Sammy and the World
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