Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

This is Lucas Hembree and his dog. These two have formed a unique relationship. You will find the story after the jump.

The 4-year-old boy from East Tennessee has a rare disease, Sanfilippo syndrome, which affects his entire body. This illness can’t be cured or treated. According to doctors, Lucas will be in a vegetative state within 5 years.His parents wished to get a service dog to help their child with his daily challenges, but this $14,000 idea was not affordable. Belgian Malanois Juno, rescued from a dog shelter days before being euthanized, became a literal shoulder for Lucas to lean on. Their relationship is exceptional. The little boy and the dog help each other in ways that only they fully understand.
1The Best Friend Ever
2The Best Friend Ever
3The Best Friend Ever
4The Best Friend Ever
5The Best Friend Ever
6The Best Friend Ever
7The Best Friend Ever
8The Best Friend Ever
9The Best Friend Ever
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